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Tuesday, July 16th - 8:30a - 4:00p

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DYSON FOUNDATION | Dyson engineers have designed these challenges specifically for children. Ideal for home or in the classroom, they encourage inquisitive young minds to get excited about engineering. We will go over each challenge and how to run them in the teachers own classroom and how to engage students best when using them! Each session will have materials to conduct the challenge cards on their own and figure out which ones work best for them. --PRESENTERS: Samantha Kuderna, James Dyson Foundation Manager and Angelle Garcia, James Dyson Foundation Graduate CSU | Colorado Springs Utilities will share our favorite water and energy classroom activities to teach about responsible and safe use of these resources. Learn about the local water supply, treatment and conservation that students can do. Explore the basics of electricity generation, natural gas uses and safety around these utilities to teach your students science concepts and how avoid injury around electricity and natural gas.--PRESENTERS: Birgit Landin, Admar Susic ESTES ROCKETS | This session will highlight activities from a lesson where students explore what it took for the Ariane 5 rocket to get the James Webb Space Telescope into orbit. Activities include experiments to understand how gravity works, model balanced and unbalanced forces, and develop an understanding of how the Ariane 5 rocket launched the JWST. We will end the session with a group launch of a model rocket, and all teachers will receive a beginner rocket to take home with them! --PRESENTER: Nicole Freyschlag, Director of Education SPHERO ROBOTICS | Sphero continues to provide tools for students to showcase their learning and understanding by going beyond code. In this session, teachers will get an overview of Sphero's latest robot for introducing and teaching Computer Science concepts. Teachers will also work with challenges and showcase the flexibility of programming robots to adapt to instructional goals. --PRESENTER: Nate Ubowski - Sr. Product Manager

Wednesday, July 17th - 8:30a - 4:00p

8:15 - 8:30 Check In

INCLUSIVE MAKER EDUCATION: EMPOWERING ALL STUDENTS THROUGH CARDBOARD ENGINEERING | Join this professional development session to explore the inclusive potential of maker projects, focusing on cardboard engineering. I'll delve into how hands-on learning experiences can be accessible to all students. Throughout the workshop, discover inclusive pedagogies, cardboard engineering basics, and methods for adapting projects for diverse learners. Learn about universal design principles and engage in collaborative problem-solving activities. Leave with practical strategies and a newfound understanding of how maker projects promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. --PRESENTER: Chris Singer, Coordinator, Mid-Valley STEM CTE Albany, OR UNLEASH THE MAGIC IN SCIENCE EDUCATION: EXPLORING WITH MAGICSCHOOL AI | Ready to transform your science classroom into a hub of innovation? We will be diving headfirst into the world of MagicSchool AI, the leading generative AI platform designed to empower science teachers like YOU! This session is packed with practical magic. We'll unveil the secrets of MagicSchool AI's toolkit, specifically focusing on tools that will make your life as a science teacher easier and your lessons more engaging than ever. This session is more than just learning – it's about experiencing the magic firsthand. So, grab your virtual wand and get ready to transform your science classroom with the power of AI! --PRESENTER: Melissa Matzen STEAM Coordinator/Teacher STEM STARTERS | Do you struggle to find relevant and engaging topics of study for STEM integration? Join me as I share multiple ways I have supported student learning in my Indoor/Outdoor TinkerLab of Engineers. These STEM Starters will give you a place to jump off, then you can integrate them into your specific teaching situation. Come ready to share, learn and have some fun! --PRESENTER: Chantel Estes Engineering Teacher, Roxborough Intermediate, Douglas County Schools PANCAKE CHEMISTRY | Participants will make pancakes in a step-wise fashion and experimentally determine the effect of each added ingredient. The instructors and the handout provided will explain the chemistry behind each ingredient. This is a wonderful chemistry experiment for students of any age! --PRESENTERS: Stacey Lazzelle (and others); STEM Outreach Coordinator, United States Air Force Academy

Thursday, July 18th - 8:30 - 12:30

Option 1: CSU Tour Option 2: USAFA Tour/Hike Option 3: Pikes Peak Option 4: Earth Odyssey Mission
Teachers will experience their own field trip to the Conservation & Environmental Center and the Tollefson Water Treatment Plant. At the Conservation Center, CSU will share their activities for students to discover plant adaptations and an efficiency scavenger hunt, and then will be treated to an overview of the processes for water treatment at the Tollefson water treatment plant. - Closed-toed shoes required. The tour overviews how USAFA teaches aeronautical engineering to cadets utilizing world-class research facilities: ~20 testing systems; water tunnel that moves about 1 ft/s to a Ludwig tube moving 6 times the speed of sound; wind tunnels that are purpose-built for visualizing flow for teaching; 6 different kinds of turbine engines; and simulations run on some of the fastest computers in the world. This networking opportunity for teachers highlights how USAFA’s Aerospace Department capabilities can be part of classroom resources for inspiring students to discovery and teaching aerospace concepts. Attendees will learn about America's Mountain and field trip opportunities for classes including: An overview tour for busses/groups on the way up, and stop for specific field trips/stops on the way down Bighorn sheep touch tables/lecture optional Poops and pelts touch tables/lecture optional 10 essentials of hiking game/talk Emergency shelter building activity Tundra ecology/botany talks (summer/July is the best for the short bloom season) Nature journaling Adaptation/natural selection/evolution activities Microplastics presentation/game Zebulon Pike - hiking preparedness and historical gear Leave no Trace principles Human impact on outdoor/recreation spaces, positive and negative. This is your chance to fly a mission! Earth Odyssey is Challenger's newest mission, focused on replacing an Earth observing satellite that was destroyed during a recent coronal mass ejection. Teams will work together to program and deploy a new satellite. But, being on orbit during a busy solar season poses risks of its own.
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