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Full-Day Program Options

Full-Day Programs

School groups as large as 64 students (two classes) may now enjoy a full day of immersive STEM programming featuring three exciting programs:

Half-Day Part I

 Simulated Space Mission (choose from the options here)

Half-Day Part II

Explorer Lab Activity (choose from the four options below)
Interactive Planetarium Sessions (choose from the five options below)

Explorer Lab Activities

Marsbound (grades 6-12) In this engaging NASA-developed design challenge, student engineering teams work to balance financial, launch vehicle, mass and power constraints while planning a mission to the Red Planet.  The greatest scientific gains and most efficient use of funds will identify which team is declared NASA's top mission planners!  Marsbound naturally draws on student collaboration and communication, making this an excellent activity for secondary students.

Sphero Robotics (grades 4-12) Students experience a crash course in programming with these interactive, eye-catching, and programmable robots. Utilizing an endless array of coding capabilities, teams will work together to complete an epic and educational programming challenge they won’t soon forget. No prior programming experience required.

Wonder Workshop Robotics (grades K-12) Wonder Workshop Robots encourage tomorrow's out-of-the-box innovators! Students will test their engineering, problem-solving and computations-thinking skills during this drag and drop programming sessions - using Dash and Cue robots- to solving a series of problems leading up to one, monumental challenge!  No prior programming experience required.

Breakout Boxes (grades 6-12) Do your students have what it takes to solve a space-themed mystery and escape the room? Using critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication, along with an amped-up version of Breakout Boxes, students learn aerospace content, practice collaboration and problem-solving skills and challenge their teamwork in this timed and entertaining session.

Interactive Mikkelson Planetarium Sessions

Students interact with trained facilitators who deliver sessions to meet content and create a custom experience for all in our stunning 40-seat Mikkelson Planetarium. Teachers reserving full-day sessions should choose one of the following options.

Destination Mars (grades 6-8) Voyage to the red planet with us as we compare Earth and Mars, learn about planetary orbits and gravity, and review and highlight future missions to Mars. 

Galaxies in Motion (grades 6-8) Join us as we work our way from the center of the solar system out to the fringes of known space. Along the way, we’ll encounter a variety of celestial objects that scientists are gathering information about every day. Students will see Earth as part of the Milky Way and find out what makes our galaxy alike and different from other galaxies in our universe. 

Moon Magic (grades 5-8) Explore our nearest neighbor, the Moon, and discover what causes its phases and lunar and solar eclipses. Learn about past, present and planned missions to the moon and its orbital field, including the first human exploration mission in 1969. 

Patterns in the [Night] Sky(grades 5-8) Observe the night sky through the traditional lens of constellations, the associated stories and their origins. Then, we’ll shift focus to the movement of these patterns over time, as well as the reasons for the seasons and moon phases. 

Solar System Tour (grades 5-8) Discover the solar system by experiencing sunspots and solar flares, swirling storms, rings, multitudes of moons and foreign worlds. Students will learn about solar system missions from the past to the future, and mankind’s exploration effects on the solar system. 

Planetarium Sessions and the CDE Earth Space Science Science Standards​​


Extraordinaires Design Studio (grades 4-12) Empathize. Define. Ideate. Prototype. Test.  The design thinking process is a Makerspace method that encourages everyone to be part of developing a more desirable future for all.Join us as we challenge your students to conceptualize and create a project that will improve the life of some very unique characters. Creative thinking, problem solving, and teamwork are required!